Meeting of the Marques

Join us for a day of sharing our motoring passions as the Meeting of the Marques, joining with Carlisle’s “Harvest of the Arts Festival”, transforms the downtown area into thought-provoking expressions of all things artistic.  Just like a prized painting or handcrafted object, we know that our mobile art form can also captivate.

Today during the Artistry on Wheels Motorshow these mobile expressions will be at rest, but tomorrow…tomorrow we shall play.  There will be more about Day 2 a little later.

Our Artistry on Wheels Motorshow is a celebration of the automobile’s cultural impact upon society as rolling sculpture, not merely as a transportation tool.  Artistry on Wheels allows over 20,000 HOT Arts attendees to visually sample of your automobile’s beauty, power and purpose.  Those are a lot of opportunities to engage a memory, make a new friend or begin the process that may one day bring them into our fold.

Artistry on Wheels will be made up of two distinct groups:

-       One group will be open to all British made (or U.K.) automobiles in recognition of the original Meeting of the Marques Motorshow, held for many years at the Allenberry Resort in Boiling Springs.

-       The other group is open to Sports Cars and Sports-Touring Cars representing geographic regions – classes being North American, European and Asian.  A ‘Wild Card’ class is added for the replicar community, likely dominated by the popular AC Cobras and Porsche Speedsters, and for any vehicle that does not fit into the regions stated above
Downtown Carlisle has much more to offer than just The Harvest of the Arts Festival as a diversion. The business district has seen quite a resurgence in recent years, meaning that numerous and diverse restaurants and shops await you. Whether you favor American, Belgian, English or Italian cuisines, there is something here for everyone, as are the variety of quaint shops ready to explore during the day’s events. Many of these establishments are within easy walking distances of the Artistry on Wheels Motorshow.